Does it feel like an uphill climb just to get words onto paper when you write? Do you want to write knowing that you'll reach the summit? Do you want to be more adventurous in your writing? Do you need to fully understand your motivations for writing (this gives your writing purpose)? Do you want to be more confident in your direction when you write, thereby defeating the age-old writer's block? Would you love to hear the music in your own writing?  If so, take the next step in your writing journey by enrolling in my writing course (read more about it in the Online Store)! Entitled Writing, an Unorthodox Approach, this in depth study will take you on a journey into your mind in order to produce the writing you've always felt you could.

Do you need professional editing for your work, school, web, personal papers, or creative writing story? Even for a book that you've embarked upon or have already finished! As an editor and book reviewer for The Agape Review, in addition to my own writing and that of my peers, I can help your writing reach its unblemished potential. Line editing, to address the little details as well as the glaring inconsistencies, is my niche. Have a peek at my CV to read about my experience and education in the Contact section, and go to the Online Store to order the editing you need today.

My newest novel Macbeth's Spinners is coming out in August through Antimony and Elder Lace Press! Please take a look in the Online Store for this book and more!


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